Here are the instructions to get to Douglas when you are coming from Tucson or Phoenix:
1. Get on Interstate 10 going East.  Douglas is East of Tucson.
2. Benson is approximately 40 minutes East of Tucson.
3. Exit on Highway 80 at Benson.  This would be exit 303.
4. Go past Benson.
5. The next town will be St. David which is approximately 10 minutes from Benson.
6. Go past St. David.
7. The next town will be Tombstone which is approximately 15 minutes from St. David.
8. Go past Tombstone.
9. The next town will be Bisbee which is approximately 15 minutes from Tombstone.
10. Go past Bisbee.
11. Finally, you will come to Douglas which is approximately 30 minutes from Bisbee.

Here are the instructions once you arrive in Douglas:
1. The main entrance is 16th Street, go past gas station and Motel Six.
2. Go straight past the first stoplight. Do not turn right nor left. This road will immediately veer right.
3. Go to the second stoplight next to Dairy Queen. You will now be on 14th & G Avenue. Keep going straight (South).
4. Stay on G Avenue and head South until you get to the stoplight on 10th & G. Turn left (East) here. This is the 500 block on 10th Street.
5. Take 10th Street East for about 2 - 3 miles until you get to the 2100 block of 10th Street. Turn left (North) on Washington Avenue.
6. Go to 14th Street and turn right (East).
7. Go to 2315 14th Street.

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